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My cues for sale or trade:

Find below the current stock of old cues available for purchase/swap

I never intended for my website to become a cue selling business, and I'm pleased to say that it still isn't. 
All the cues listed below form part of my current collection and they have been made available for sale only because:
I may have picked up a more pleasing example,
Bought them in a batch containing a cue I wanted, or taken then in part exchange for another cue,
Or even just because I’m looking to focus on another area of the collection! (At the time of writing I have circa 180 cues)

Unless stated otherwise in the description for each cue, please assume the following:

The info above is not here to put you off at all, but just to help to ensure you'll be fully happy with your purchase.  In many cases I will state that I believe the cue to be a good playing cue, but that is just my opinion and I offer no guarantee at all that you'll agree with me. In particular I do not offer an opinion on cue stiffness, and this is completely subjective - one man's 6/10 is another man's 8/10. If you're looking for a playing cue you really need to come and try it, I’m happy for anyone to call up and try the cue at my local club. Otherwise buy it with the knowledge that if it's not for you, you'll just have to move it on like we all have to do when looking for a playing cue. 
With that in mind and that I do not wish to offer a "try before you don't buy" service, I’ll only accept a return of the item (unless damaged/not as described within the description of the advert) if it's returned to me by fully insured courier - and will only refund the selling price net of any fees -£15 for my postage.

All prices quoted assume payment via cheque or PayPal gift. I will send a PayPal invoice for goods/service as I understand the view that this offers some piece of mind, but note that this is subject to 5% surcharge on the prices quoted.

Please feel welcome to ask any questions at all about the cues before making a decision to purchase.  I know it may look like I’m being difficult in the comments above, but I’d rather do that than have an unhappy buyer.