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maker:    Burroughes & Watts
also known by:    None
hq based:    London
date first seen:    1836
date last seen:    1968

history    :    
Burroughes and Watts is a name instantly recognised by most people with an interest in billiards or snooker even today, and also probably the most collected maker for those who share my passion for cue collection.
The company was established in 1836 as a partnership between W. Burroughes and F. Watts. They were based at Soho Square which is the address well known for their fabled match room and showrooms.

The company grew rapidly to become one of the big manufacturers, along with Thurston, Orme & Sons etc.

Key dates in their development which may be of particular use in dating B&W items are shown below:

1870+ Added branches in Dublin/Belfast
1873 Given Royal Warrents (Victoria & Edward
1889 Launched Steel Vacuum Cushions
1895 Launched Eureka Vacuum Cushions
1911 Acquired Cox & Yeman

The company finally closed in 1967, where the remnants were purchased by EJ. Riley Ltd of Accrington. This led to the use of the Riley Burwat brand after this date.

The snooker heritage website has an excellent in-depth article on the history of Burroughes and Watts, and can be accessed here:

The Snooker Heritate Website

source:   :   Billiards & Snooker - A Trade History (J.R Mitchell), The Snooker Heritage Website
cues i own by this maker:   :   
The Burwat Champion Cue, The Cecil Harverson Cue, The Cecil Harverson Secret Joint Cue, The Club Cue, The Eureka Cue, The John Roberts Jnr (Spj) Cue, The Joseph Bennett Signature Cue, The Jp Mannock Anti Grip Cue, The JP Mannock Anti Grip Cue, The Mascot (1St Ed) Cue, The Mascot (2nd Ed) Cue, The Norfolk Cue, The Sidney Smith Cue, The Tom Reece 1916 Cue, The Victory Cue, The William Cook Snr Cue, The Willie Smith Champion Cue, The Willie Smith Record Cue, The Willie Smith Record Cue, The Ye Olde Ash (2Nd Ed) Cue,
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Burwat Champio Cue, Burwat Champion, Burwat Champion, Burwat Champion, Burwat Champion, Club Cue, John Roberts Junior Cue, JP Mannock Anti Grip Cue, JP Mannock Anti Grip Cue, Mascot, Mascot, Norfolk Cue, Stevenson Champion Cue, The Professional Champion Cue, Tom Newman 1370 Champion Cue, Tom Newman 1370 Cue, Tom Reece 1907 Cue, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Willie Smith Champion Cue,