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maker:    Cowderoy Bland and Co
also known by:    None
hq based:    London
date first seen:    1891
date last seen:    1922

history    :    (Info below kindly provided by Peter Ainsworth)
They were established as billiard table makers in 1891 and my last reference to them comes in 1922. How long they traded after this is speculation, but I would guess that it wasn't long. They seem to have existed in Brewer Street, London, for their entire trading life, although they did move up and down the street a bit.

I don't know the address at which they began trading but from at least 1903 to 1912 I can confirm by contemporary adverts they were at 19 Brewer Street, They then move to 7 Brewer Street some time between 1912 and 1917. They were still at this address in 1922. I have seen some cues with 19 Brewer Street on them. The full name of the principal was Frederick John Cowderoy, who was living in Wandsworth in 1907 shown from when he filed a patent for 'improved chalk holders'
source:   :   Peter Ainsworth
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