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maker:    John Bennet & Co
also known by:    None
hq based:    London
date first seen:    1821
date last seen:    1980

history    :    
John Bennet & Co was founded in 1821 by John Bennet and was based in the city of London at Surrey St. This site was destroyed in a fire during 1898, afterwich the company moved to Vincent Square. This was the first of several unfortunate events to strike the business.

In 1899 John Bennet died and the business was continued by his sons, whom oversaw another move to 120 Newington Causeway, and additional workshops at Rockingham St after part of the Newington site was compulsary purchased after the first world war
The company branched out into operating billard halls in the 1920s, sadly all of which were destroyed by German bombs during the 2nd world war. A fate that was also to aflict their shop, offices and production facilities at 120 Newington Causeway which was completely destroyed in 1941.

Post war the company continued to trade despite the destruction of the Newington site, eventually moving to a new site at 52 Newington Causeway in 1952. Two further compulsary purchase orders forecd the move from Rockingham St, and again from Newington and the company finally settled in Old Kent Rd after John Gibson Bennet Jnr died in 1965.

Throughout the 1960s and 70s the business expanded, acquiring W. Stevens & Sons in 1967, and Mister Billiards in 1974. In 1980 John Bennet & Co was aquired by the ever expanding E.J Riley, and thus another famous old name was lost.
source:   :   Elston & Hopkin
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