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maker:    Raper & Sons
also known by:    None
hq based:    Manchester
date first seen:    1845
date last seen:    1984

history    :    
Raper & Sons like many of the billiards companies first traded as furniture makers, turning to the manufacture of billiard tables and accessories in 1845. The founder of the company was Thomas Raper, who was assisted in his enterprise by his sons James Raper and Thomas Jnr Raper.

By the 1880's the company had moved their operations from small rented premisis into a site on Hilton St Manchester, indicating their success to date in the billard table trade. Ten years later the company had moved again to Lever St again in Manchester. By 1894 there status as master table makers was confirmed then they were granted the royal coat of arms from the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII). 1903 saw another move for the company, this time to Stephenson square within the city, at this the business expanded with bespoke showrooms.

WW1 led to the death of James Raper, and the business suffered through the depression and WW2 eventually being put up for sale by Tom, and continued by Gordon Raper Ingham (son of Tom Raper's sister Ethel Raper). At the time of writing May 2001 I was recently made aware that :

“Gordon Raper Ingham is still going strong. Now in his 94th year, he remains a constant source of fascinating stories about the snooker and billiard world and indeed his many experiences of life in general, before, during and since his stewardship of the company Raper & Sons”

The company traded on throughout the 50's, 60's and 70's sadly finally ceasing trading in 1983 following the death of Ethel Raper at the ripe old age of 99.
source:   :   Elston and Hopkin Blog
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