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The Horace Lindrum Picture Cue, made by Peradon

This is the younger version of the Horace Lindrum picture badge cue - less common than the cue which features a later picture of Horace. It's sad to note that in the past few years the commercial price of this cue, and machine spliced cues in general has fallen - make no mistake, a machine spliced cue can be every bit as good to play with as a hand spliced cue! This cue has a maple shaft with machine spliced ebony butt with maple veneer & rosewood front splice.
The Horace Lindrum Picture Cue

Length: 57.75inches, weighing 16.50ounces.
Cue diameters: 10.50mm at the tip, 13.80mm at 12in, and 30.10mm at the butt.

   (Date circa :1930 - 1940)

The Horace Lindrum Picture Cue