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The Burwat Champion Cue, made by Burroughes & Watts

One of the most famous cues ever produced - made famous when Alex Higgins appealed to the public in an attempt to replace one he had lost. The Burwat Champion was produced for over 70 years, mine appears to be a fairly early example - more in the form of a billiards cue than a modern snooker cue. This cue has an ash with hand spliced ebony butt, with a facing splice of rosewood with a satinwood veneer.
The Burwat Champion Cue

Length: 57.75inches, weighing 15.50ounces.
Cue diameters: 11.30mm at the tip, 13.10mm at 12in, and 32.20mm at the butt.

   (Date circa :1920 - 1940)

The Burwat Champion Cue