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The Joe Davis 146 Cue, made by Peradon

The Joe Davis 146 cues were made to comemorate Joe's break made in Mar 1950, this particular cue was made by Peradon for sale in Joe's billiards company. Joe famously went one point further in Jan 1955, finally making the perfect game - 147 that he had been dreaming of since first picking up a cue. This example has an ash shaft with machine spliced ebony butt with maple front splice.
The Joe Davis 146 Cue

Length: 58.00inches, weighing 16.50ounces.
Cue diameters: 10.90mm at the tip, 14.00mm at 12in, and 30.70mm at the butt.

   (Date circa :1950 - 1955)

The Joe Davis 146 Cue