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The Boxwood Cue, made by Thurstons

One of the oldest cues in my collection, but sadly has been cut down significantly since the time it was made - I?m looking for a better example, so if you have one get in touch! Before the invention of the ferrule, cues would splinter at the time, and had to be chopped at the tip to return to solid wood. This cue has an ash shaft with hand spliced plain ebony butt featuring inlayed maker?s name.
The Boxwood Cue

Length: 51.50inches, weighing 16.00ounces.
Cue diameters: 10.10mm at the tip, 10.90mm at 12in, and 35.00mm at the butt.

   (Date circa :1880 - 1900)

The Boxwood Cue