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The Amateur Champion Cue, made by Smith & Nelson

This is the later version of the smith & nelson amateur champion cue, I?m yet to acquire the early version, so if you have one please get in touch! The cue is almost certainly made by peradon for them to retail in their shop/snooker hall, at a guess sometime after the 1960's looking at the design. Its silky smooth having being refurbished superbly by Dave Coutts, it's a maple shaft with machine spliced ebony butt & green veneer with dark front splice.
The Amateur Champion Cue

Length: 57.75inches, weighing 16.00ounces.
Cue diameters: 9.60mm at the tip, 14.70mm at 12in, and 29.60mm at the butt.

   (Date circa :1960 - 1970)

The Amateur Champion Cue