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do you have an old cue for sale...?

..you may have found a buyer!

i've created this section of the site for anyone who has an old cue to sell, that they think i may be interested in. i must stress that i'm not a retired multimillionaire (i wish), so i can't buy or even make an offer on every cue that finds it's way to my inbox!

before i could even consider an offer, i need some key details:
length, tip diameter, weight, general condition

i also require a couple of pictures of the cue (i've now made my form so you can attached them!):
clear shot of the badge of the cue, a picture of the top of the splices
if you don't have the pics to hand, don't worrry, send me the message without them and we can discuss later.

offer me your oldcue!
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